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APEX is an integrated solution in the Oracle package that allows you to create web applications based on the Oracle database in which you can use the data in a fast and customisable way.

A platform that can tackle the technical challenges of today, while supporting the powerful ideas that have yet to even be conceived.

A solution that uses custom applications that reduce the number of Excel, Access reports etc… that already exist in the organisation, keeping the data in a single environment, which provides accessibility and reliability, since any update is shared for all users.

In short, by using APEX, you can develop complex systems in up to 1/4 of the time an equivalent Java implementation would take, without loss of functionality. It is stable, scalable and secure all while faciliting the use of all the features of the Oracle database.

Our APEX team at UST Global can provide you with end to end support service throughout the development process, ensuring its proper functioning.



It is an easy to use and easy to learn tool. The Application Builder provides you with a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface that guides you through the creation of your applications.


Powerful and proven

Oracle APEX can be used to create a wide variety of applications for any industry, from the simplest application that turns a spreadsheet into a web application, to mission-critical applications that are used daily by tens of thousands of users.



Designed to create web applications that are highly secure and ready to use.


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