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Let’s change the focus! Innovative technology at the service of business

At UST Global we understand technology as a driver at the service of business needs, an enabler for companies to grow and evolve towards achieving their goals.

Our mission is to achieve excellence in this technology and make it the path that leads our customers to success your success is our success.

Where do we start? After analyzing the business needs, we have found a set of valid needs for the whole industry, so we have built packaged solutions aimed at meeting those needs, with the added value of being able to parameterize based on the needs of each CXO. The same solution offers infinite possibilities to each company, according to its starting point. Reduce time to market, be efficient and don’t reinvent the wheel!

Here we show you where to start… and for the most innovative ones with curiosity about the future, we invite you to consult what our team of innovative experts continues to work on a daily basis, with the passion and constancy that characterizes us, to walk together in this digital evolution in which we are already immersed…

If you want to see what we’re working on, check here.

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Time Up

APP Time Up Register the time worked by your employees with Time’Up and manage all the data from a simple dashboard. Time’Up is a powerful and complete solution featuring an app for iOS and Android for employees, as well as a web dashboard for companies. Using the app, employees can register their work time from [...]


APP Vigilant Vigilant is a platform both for people in need and caregivers, that allows them to report or assist to an emergency quickly and in a convenient way.​ Vigilant Casos de Uso TMT Enhance the customer support that tech companies offer, that allows the customer to know where the technician is and how long [...]

Office Booking

APP OFFICE BOOKING The tool you need to book your place at the office and a parking spot. Stay safe and make your employees be safe. Office Booking is an innovate reservation solution. Each screen was designed in a way so that the application was intuitive and easy for users and effective for business purposes. All [...]

ChatBot Assistant

CHATBOT Chatbot Assistant UST Office Assistant is a conversational assistant that remove barriers between people and technology through a natural and fluid dialogue. We improve customer service, sales support and the image of your company through our conversational assistants and chatbots by offering a better user experience: faster, simpler, truthful responses, 24x7 availability. The UST [...]

Insurance Bot Assistant

Bot Insurance Bot Assistant While ago we got a request from one of our Key clients, they wanted to investigate potential solutions where chatbots could improve some of their current processes. Business spend $1.3 trillion on customer service calls each year, these calls are normally boring and time consuming, especially if there is no one [...]

Attendance Manager

APP Attendance Manager Simplify your event management with Attendance Manager. Scan QR codes, validate users or register new attendants onsite. Our Attendance Manager solution is an app that simplifies and reduces the cost of managing the event attendance. The app allows you to scan generated QR codes in order to validate if a user is [...]

AR MultiDevice Picker

APP AR MultiDevice Picker Using the latest AR technologies, AR MultiDevice Picker lets the user see how a specific device would fit in their home space. Just choose any place or size and test it. Our AR MultiDevice Picker solution is the ideal app to check how would look any device in any space before [...]

Interior Planner

App Interior Planner Interior Planner is a multi-tool app designed to offer the user a unique design experience. A lot of tools and possibilities unified in a simple and intuitive interface. Just select a furniture from our catalog and put it wherever you want. You can replicate it, move it and orient it by all [...]

AR Navigation

APP AR Navigation AR Navigation is a multiplatform application that integrates Augmented Reality technology with a real-time user positioning system. Our solution features a simple and intuitive interface that offers an indoor positioning system that doesn’t depend on GPS signal nor beacon points. Using only our application, you can position yourself and locate destinations within [...]

Onboarding web template

UX/UI Onboarding web template A template to use for onboarding sites As part of our internal projects we developed a new website to act as the entry point for every new employee. This onboarding website offers the company the option to add as many steps into the path as they want. Scoreboards for users, contacts [...]


UX/UI & Web Caregiver Caregiver is an innovative platform designed to help those who work taking care of others. We have created a new way of understanding caring and facilitating caregivers' work. Designed tailored to your needs We created a modern and intuitive user interface. A well-thought-out visual hierarchy allows the user to quickly understand [...]

3D Reality

Web 3D Reality 3D Reality is the result of our ability to create 3D environments of augmented reality or virtual reality oriented to provide a web or mobile application of this innovative technology Our solution allows the incorporation of hosts, with which it is possible to interact and dialogue as a virtual assistant, thanks to [...]