Beyond technology platforms

Improve your time to deliver quality value

At UST Global we have built a set of frameworks that allow companies to gain differentiating value beyond their existing services or products.

The frameworks are designed and built to meet our customers’ needs: efficiency, productivity, improved time to market… Faced with the challenging speeds required in the digital world, these frameworks will allow our customers’ businesses to take a step forward in each of their focus areas. They will provide our clients with a turning point in their vision of how to continue expanding their businesses. 

This innovation is currently being developed around the areas of APIsmicroservices and DevOps.

Accelerate your business expansion

We extend traditional Cloud platforms for API Management to a comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Ecosystem*,  including orchestration, microservices, monitoring and alert notification capabilities, provided in a CI/CD life cycle.


Maximise your microservice operation: welcome to observability

xRay is more than just a service infrastructure, providing observability and monitoring. It gives you the ability to monitor the internal status of your microservice architecture, based on the collection and measurement of external signals.


Optimise your DevOps Ecosystem

The time of implantation is reduced to only 15 days. The DevOps ecosystem is optimized with the inclusion of best practices and it is evolved by adding new pieces to have a wider range of possibilities. We added a DevOps for Everything philosophy.
Integrate all the pieces of the DevOps ecosystem with a dashboard.