Our employees are our greatest talent


Ideathon Virtual 2020 #USTideas4today

With the COVID-19 crisis that society is currently facing, at UST Global we believe that together we are capable of creating solutions that will not only minimise the impact, but that will also help society to adapt its businesses to these new times.

At UST global we believe that we have the best among us, so we encourage internal innovation.  Living in a digital culture, being enthusiastic, passionate about technological innovation, aiming to leave a mark on the technological evolution of society and contributing to a better quality of life and welfare for all, we are ready to help a society that needs it.

Convinced of our internal worth, we have launched a challenge to our employees: let us put our expertise, our value, at the service of society, let us seek ideas that will help it to recover.

What does this involve?

Proposing ideas and solutions focussed on two areas: the insurance sector and the human resources field, which will help society to recover and anticipate and establish the basis for the times to come.

  • Insurance. Through its Digital Evolution, this sector has evolved from a product culture to a customer culture, with new business models. We are wondering: what needs do we have now? How can they be met?
  • Human Resources. HR is also evolving internally and must apply efficiency and speed, among other things, to the processes that are carried out. How can this change be made through technology? Onboarding, talent selection, operational processes… we seek to understand the needs of the People & Culture team and address them.
When will the challenge be?… between June 8th and 21st.
Activating our internal talent to be part of the solution!