3D Reality

3D Reality is the result of our ability to create 3D environments of augmented reality or virtual reality oriented to provide a web or mobile application of this innovative technology

Our solution allows the incorporation of hosts, with which it is possible to interact and dialogue as a virtual assistant, thanks to this, this solution can be applied to a wide range of use cases:

3D Web

Grant the ability of 3D to a 2D environment, use a 3D visualizer and configurator of products for your e-commerce, provide 3D objects for your learning platform to improve knowledge retention or create factory replicas to give greater knowledge of your company’s employees.

Augmented Reality

Thanks to billions of devices with AR capability, it is easier to bring augmented reality from business to customers, improve the way you sell your products so that customers can try them at home before buying them, you can also improve support services by providing diagnostic metrics or animations to repair objects in your own home.

Virtual Reality

Create 3D environments or 360-degree video, thanks to VR you can create completely immersive environments, provides its employees with virtual learning environments or for surgeons, also visualize your company’s data in an immersive environment or improve the customer experience of your hotel.

3D Reality

Use Cases


Virtual Host at office Entrance

Banking & Financial Services

Virtual Host at office Entrance


Virtual Host at office Entrance


Virtual Host at office Entrance


Virtual Host at Hospitals or clinics receptions in order to help with appointments, reschedule and general help

Energy & Utilities

Virtual Host at office Entrance

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3D Reality

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