AR MultiDevice Picker

Using the latest AR technologies, AR MultiDevice Picker lets the user see how a specific device would fit in their home space. Just choose any place or size and test it.

Our AR MultiDevice Picker solution is the ideal app to check how would look any device in any space before buying it. In the app you will find a catalogue of devices, appliances, televisions … classified by model and maker. Each model has different features, sizes and descriptions, that help you find what you are looking for in a quick and easy way.

Once you have chosen the desired device, you can start placing it in the space you have chosen or try different spaces. For this, our solution allows you to decide where, regardless of position, and you can even resize it to fit the space available and, of course, get to the end of the journey that is the purchase.

This is just an example of how we can improve the experience when buying a television, but, if you want to see how you can furnish your home, visit INTERIOR PLANNER.

3D Reality

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Banking & Financial Services

Improve interior redesigning


Improve any home appliances or electronics purchasing experience

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3D Reality

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