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Caregiver is an innovative platform designed to help those who work taking care of others.

We have created a new way of understanding caring and facilitating caregivers’ work.

Designed tailored to your needs

We created a modern and intuitive user interface. A well-thought-out visual hierarchy allows the user to quickly understand the system and save time and effort needed to complete tasks.

Phisical Health

Everything you need to know about the physical and health condition of the person taken care of.

Mental health is very important

You can have a record of the mental health.

Always have a list of medications

Thanks to our automatic reminders the caregiver will never forget to give a medication.

User’s journey

Before the caregiver’s first day, he will be able to know all about the person he will be taking care of as well as his day to day routine.

Essential Documents

You need to have to offer the best caregiving possible.

Track health info

If your user has to monitor their health, you can keep a complete record to make sure that the family or doctor have this information when they’ll need it.


Profile Destail

Our platform is highly customisable depending on the use case. We will tailor it to your needs so you only need to worry about taking care.
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