Chatbot Assistant

UST Office Assistant is a conversational assistant that remove barriers between people and technology through a natural and fluid dialogue.

We improve customer service, sales support and the image of your company through our conversational assistants and chatbots by offering a better user experience: faster, simpler, truthful responses, 24×7 availability.

The UST Office Assistant allows potential customers to ask questions about your company: how you work, what projects you carry out, what solutions you could offer.

Also, the UST Office Assistant enables the resolution of initial doubts that any employee newly incorporated into the company may have: work schedule, flexible remuneration, payroll consultation, telework request, material request… It can solve too the most complex doubts that arise to any employee: research programs, work trips, medical discharges, etc.

This automation would save time both for departments that receive queries that do not correspond to them, and for users, as direct answers regarding how to proceed are given. A minimum user-chatbot interaction can resolve a lot of questions.

Besides, the integration in platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Facebook would make an easier and more versatile access to your content. Enabling voice interaction will facilitate access to information for people with functional diversity. At the same time, it allows to define a company image through the personality of the assistant.

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