Insurance Bot Assistant

While ago we got a request from one of our Key clients, they wanted to investigate potential solutions where chatbots could improve some of their current processes.

Business spend $1.3 trillion on customer service calls each year, these calls are normally boring and time consuming, especially if there is no one to answer your queries and you spent time hanging on the call. Over 50% of these calls are related to common and frequent problems which can be answered via self-service in most cases.

We wanted to innovate around the ordinary solutions that are already available, there is a lack of solutions where the ChatBot is not just a simple user-machine interaction. We have developed an extensible POC where we explored the possibilities of the most known NLP/NLUs available.

Our solution can handle different types of data in order to take advantage of applications like Telegram or messenger where we can share our location, pictures and all sorts of media. We built our own middleware capable of process these requests and translate them for NLPs to understand.

This POC covers the case where a customer needs to report and accident where there are no third parties involved. This could be easily extended to any other potential scenarios.

Insurance Bot Assistant

Use Cases


Virtual Host at office EntranceAllow tech companies to have a bot that serves as first level support for customer inquiries

Banking & Financial Services

Offer information about new bank accounts and reduce product hiring time

Send custom offers about loans to each customer


Offer information about new policies and reduce product hiring time

Send custom offers about premium features to each customer


Enhance the shopping experience: from custom offers to stock information about products


Receive personal information (such as reports) directly in your phone

Schedule meetings with doctors

Energy & Utilities

Offer information about the customer’s account and reduce product hiring time

Send custom offers about rates to each customer

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Insurance Bot Assistant

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