Time Up

Register the time worked by your employees with Time’Up and manage all the data from a simple dashboard.

Time’Up is a powerful and complete solution featuring an app for iOS and Android for employees, as well as a web dashboard for companies.

Using the app, employees can register their work time from any predefined location, such as work, home or a customer’s office.

On the other hand, the scalability of our solution provides companies with a dashboard that allows them to customize the entire platform and access features such as:

Defining a work-schedule for each employee
Not every worker has the same schedule, so Time’Up can easily adapt to reflect summer schedules, shorter Fridays, holidays, etc.

Authorizing locations for each employee
Companies can limit the location from where their employees work or let them work from anywhere.

Establish the level of location tracking
If a company decides to set fixed locations for their employees, a location tracking that checks if the user is at set location can be established.

Seeing the employees’ registrations
The dashboard enables companies to access all the entries that users register at any time.

Generating weekly, monthly and yearly user reports
Reports that gather all the worked time are quite handy and our solution provides weekly, monthly and yearly reports.

Complying with the labor laws and regulations
In case your business needs to comply with certain labor laws and regulations, we can adapt our solution to make sure all the data is safely stored and can be accessed by both employees and employers.

All these features are open and can be adapted to each company in case it’s needed.


Use Cases


Time tracking solution for employees

Measure how much time a technician uses to fix an issue, which improves the repair-time estimations

Banking & Financial Services

Time tracking solution for employees


Time tracking solution for employees


Time tracking solution for employees


Time tracking solution for employees

Energy & Utilities

Time tracking solution for employees

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