Vigilant is a platform both for people in need and caregivers, that allows them to report or assist to an emergency quickly and in a convenient way.​


Casos de Uso


Enhance the customer support that tech companies offer, that allows the customer to know where the technician is and how long it will take him to arrive

Smart speaker application that offers product information and management, such as phone rates and produt hiring

Banking & Financial Services

Smart speaker application that offer customers the possibility to manage their accounts


Enhanced customer support for insurance companies that allows the customer to receive helpful information through a smart speaker, as well as knowing where the mechanic is and how much will it take him to arrive


Smart speaker application that allows customers to order food and get product information


Medical assistant in contact with professionals

In hospitals, it could save time to inform the staff about emergencies

Energy & Utilities

Smart speaker application that connects with the customer’s light-company account and offers valuable information such as consumed energy or billing rates

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